Friday, 30 November 2012

She Bangs The Drum

I brought a new dress, yes, again, I have an addiction to pretty looking things and have to immediately purchase them. It's unlike anything crammed into my extremely packed out wardrobe. which gave the perfectly good excuse to purchase it faster than you can say "oh Tanya that's a nice dress"

It's a sort of body con midi dress I suppose, which is a bit out of my league, I tend to stray away from anything figure hugging to avoid displaying those lumps and bumps that you don't necessarily want to show, but with the help of some very big tights that go all the way over my belly, I can wear it with a bit more confidence! (Although it would look better if I was one of those mega tall mega skinny girls, unfortunately I'm one of those short 5"2 stubby girls.) Never the less I think I can get away with wearing this, If i suck my gut in for the whole day.

(Keeping it simple)
Cameo Rose Blue Splatter Midi Dress-New Look- £14.99
Patent Creepers-New Look-£24.99

MY Shiny Creepers are my new favourite shoes. That Is All.

Today's blog title is inspired by a Stone Roses Song called She Bangs The Drum, LISTEN TO IT! :)

The Stone Roses-She Bangs The Drum


  1. I wish you'd come and said hello last night, I saw you and thought what a cool looking girl you were. That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you and I love The Stone Roses! xxx

    1. I would have come over, but I wasn't 100% sure that it was definitely you haha, Thanks dear! And yes, Stone roses, amazing :) x

  2. I love your style! It's gorgeous! The way you mix colours and prints is awesome. :)