Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Everyone Said She Looked Like A Mess

I am one of the many Twilight fanatics, and with the new film out (I watched it Friday night) I spent Thursday night and friday morning watching all 4 films! The plan was to watch them all on the night, but me being the grandma that I am, I fell asleep at around 12 o'clock, which is actually a huge achievement for me! so I had to watch the other two the following morning.

I was mega exited for the new one! that exited that I decided to piece together a new outfit to wear out of existing pieces of clothes in my wardrobe!

Here is the outcome!

What I Am Wearing
Skater Dress - T.K. Maxx
Floral Tunic - Topshop
Collar Necklace - New Look
Brogues - Primark
Hat- Clothes Show
Belt - Primark

Any short sleeves summer dresses you have lying around that are unwearable in the winter, bang a
shirt or anything with long sleeves underneath to create a new wintery outfit. It's brilliant if you are skint from Christmas shopping to be able to treat yourself to a new outfit (which I think we are all in this situation at the moment!)

I need to put myself on a shopping ban, and create more outfits like this one I think!

Today I am going to introduce you to another song! :) I may make it a regular occurrence to end my blog with a song or 2! I am very in love with my music, and I'd love to share it with you guys! if any of you like any of the bands or songs I post give me a shout! I'd love to know if I've converted you into liking a new band!

Anyway, I must be off! Ta Ta m'dears!

The Drums - Money


  1. I friggin' love your face in the last photo!! That's classic! You look fab in that dress, and what's that I spy? Oh, ANOTHER floral shirt! Amazing - 5 stars :D

    Thanks for ze hair bigging-up by the way! I was a bit hesitant about going orange at first but I've since warmed to it. I feel like a fire. Your's is definitely better though. I wish I was allowed to cut my own fringe :( Vidal pretty much own my soul at the moment, I'm not allowed to put anything that they haven't given me (including shampoo, erg) on my hair. Arggh!

    I will indeed keep you updated, and may well make a trip up at the beginning of the new year. I fancy a jaunt out of Cardiff! I'm so so gutted that I had to cancel this time though :( damned student life! I'll make sure I give ye plenty of notice though :) and I'll save the Jarman tales for when I'm there!

    Muchos love-os? Does that work?


  2. The hat, the collar and the colours are all perfect! Your header is awesome, too, btw. ;)

    1. Thanks so much! I drew the header my self, thinking of doing a new one soon! Thanks for the follow and comments! x