Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hey Scenesters!

My cousin from Weymouth has been down for the week which has added extra excitement to the week. On Thursday (my day off) me and Sophie took the liberty to accompany her to her first vintage shopping experience.

Of course we ventured up to Birmingham and visited the beloved COW shop, and also discovered a new chain of vintage shops under one roof called "Mr. Birds Emporium" ... or something. We didn't have a full rummage through here since by the time we had found this, we had spent all our money and gone over budget. Brilliant.

But it is another one for the vintage map! Apparently there are a few other vintage shops near by, I still need to discover these!

I managed to snap up 3 new vintage dresses and also a leather look circle skirt from New Look, I'm sure you shall be meeting these within the next few blogs of mine.

Here Is What I Wore!
Shirt-Charity shop
Shoes-New Look
Belt-New Look

On the journey home the three of us spoke about having more tattoos and what we would get. This conversation resulted in this....

Yeah, we got tattoos, me and my sister Sophie got a peace sign on our wrist. It was actually one of the funniest experiences as my sister has never had a tattoo before and was petrified. This amount of fright caused her to burst out in song throughout the whole tattooing experience. Seriously, The tattooist had no idea what was going on and me and my cousin Georgina were literally on the floor crying.

until next time folks!

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  1. Whaaa amazing tattoo! Actually spit my tea down my top from laughing when I read about yr sis bursting into song during hers. Is it really that bad on the wrist? I hope not, because that's where I want my next one!
    I am going to be in Brum from December 10th for a whole bloody week - smashing times :D Bloody terrified about my placement though, as always. We must DEFINITELY go for a tour of the shops and have cups of tea galore - I'll make sure I spend the weekend there too otherwise I'll miss all the shopping madness! I actually did a HRRRNK of excitement right there.
    You look gawjuss as always, and every time a new blog of yours pops up I'm growling with envy at your hair. If only ginge suited me. Everything would be right in my world :(