Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'm Ever So Reckless

I have chopped off my own hair. Yes, That's Right. I've been thinking about changing my hair for a while, I get bored of looking at the same thing for to long and have to change something. One night I was thinking about cutting a fringe in, and with that little though I picked up a pair of scissors and butchered my own hair.

This was the outcome!

What I Am Wearing
Skirt-Years Old-New Look
Shirt-Charity Shop
Belt-New Look
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

Due to recent weather events I have been forced to purchase a few pairs of jeans, beleive it or not I actually didn't own a pair of jeans until about a week ago. It's Too cold to leave the house in my skirts and dresses, which utterly depresses me. I'm not a winter person, unless I can sit indoors with a cuppa and in my jamas looking out into the cold. I am not venturing out in it!

Since I've had a day off today I have decided to make a winter outfit wearing one of my skirts. I really need to purchase some thick wooly tights! I refuse to leave my summery skirts and dresses at the back of the wardrobe to get dusty and forgotten about!

Anyway, I would much appreciate any comments on how you like my haircut!

I shall leave you with a photo I had taken on a 40's Inspired Photo Shoot the other day! :)


  1. I love your hair, it really suits you! I used to have a full fringe for years and ended up growing it out last year. The colour of your hair is laaaavely!

    1. I will no doubt grow it out and try some other style before you know it :) Thanks for the feedback m'dear! much appreciated! <3

  2. I love your hair! So brave doing it yourself, glad it didn't go wrong! I have learned not to touch mine after cutting myself in a very wonky too short fringe...! Really like the colour of yours too, very pretty! :)
    Interesting outfit, love the fact that there's so much going on! x

    1. haha! I suprisingly didn't do too bad of a job!

      Thanks so much! glad you lik the colour! and alot of my outfits have that reaction :)

      Thanks for the comment m'dear!