Friday, 12 October 2012

There's Definitely No Hope

Ah, I cannot  beleive it's actually been a whole week since my last blog post! (apologies) I have literally been none stop all week! The mornings now are pitch black, I can't actually see in my wardrobe to choose an outfit, let alone take any photos! I managed to get a photo of my outfit last night, I went out for a meal and sort of threw this outfit together in 5 mins, so don't expect anything ultra creative.

As you can see by the photo  its daark at half 6. To Conclude, It is dark before work, and it is dark after work, making it impossible for me to blog. :( Issue needs to be resolved by building an indoor photo studio (wish)

What I Am Wearing

Heart Print Dip Hem Skirt - T.K.Maxx
Polka Dot Shirt-Miss Selfridges
Shoes- Primark
Belt- Stolen From The Sister
Denim Jacket- Forever 21

Winter is not my favoured season. I don't like cold, I don't like wet, I don't like trousers. I like sun and I like dresses! I don't know how to dress in the winter, I always want to wear leggings and a massive jumper which just doesn't look exiting enough. I look a bit plain, I don't like that very much...

I do realise that I have been complaing quite alot in this blog, but everyone needs the occasional moan ay?

I shall try and write another blog on sunday! ( MY DAY OFF! YAY! SLEEP!) and I'll try and cheer up for then!

Blog post title inspiration for today is The Vaccines -No Hope. Listen to it if you haven't already, It did make an apperance on the radio so you may of heard it, I'm going to see them in concert next month :) I cannot bloody wait! :) <3

Much love!


  1. i love this outfit from head to toe!

    1. Thanks so much :) much appreciated!

      <3 much love!