Sunday, 21 October 2012

Well I Wonder

Ah, Sunday, the day for doing my blog.

The sun came out for a while today, don't let that word bounce you into summer mode and fetch your sun hats, its freezing. Despite this I thought I would act sort of summery, and pop on my old denim shorts. I have had these bad boys for absolutely years, like you know back in the day when you would have a pair of holiday denims and wear them with just a vest top? yeah like those days, I still have a pair! so I thought I should introduce them to some of my newer pieces in my wardrobe.

I say new, I mean a new comer to my wardrobe, but it's vintage, so its kind of old too, but it is rather charming.

What I Wore Today
Denim Shorts-Historical old
Vintage Blouse-Also Historically old, But New- Vintage Cow
Pretend Converse-New Look
Necklace-Present from Nanny

I'm thinking of doing a little DIY on these shorts, perhaps sewing some vintage looking material on the pockets? I may just do this, but I'm not promising anything since I seem to never have the time to do any of the DIY's I'd like to do!

I'm going to see Reverend and the Makers in concert tonight! To be honest, I don't actually listen to them very much, but maybe tonight is the night to start! I do love a good concert though, the atmosphere is like no other, it will be brilliant even if I am miming to the songs like a kid in a school play.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. I can't believe you cut your own hair and managed to make it look so amazing! I can't even cut my own nails properly :( nice chopping skills!
    Ooh, tough call on the DIY shorts front. They look great as they are, but some jazzy material on t'pockets is always a good idea. I reckon do it - you can always unpick and resew when the mood takes you, plus it literally takes about 15 minutes to do so the 'no time' excuse ain't gonna wash with me, missy! But yeah, this outfit is smashing and that blouse is just beyond cool. This Vintage Cow place you keep mentioning sounds like a goldmine!

    Also, NOOOO! Let's not fall out :( I will blog more, honest. I'm a student layabout, what do you expect?!

    Much much love xxxxx

  2. I replied on my blog before I remembered people don't generally see replies, derp :/

    Buuuuut OMGZ. I am actually going to be in Birmingham in December. I'm doing work experience with the Birmingham Post (yah really) and will be there for five days! Shoppinnnng? xxxxx