Sunday, 29 January 2012

Here it goes...

Right, Here goes my first ever blog... I suppose I should tell you how I got here, in the quickest way that I possibly can :)

I used to work in an art and craft shop, for like 5 years, yeah I know very exiting... not. although I enjoy the eccentricity of the creative world, it was like death in there. we would have about 3 customers a day, which i suppose in a way gave me the time to get crafty and creative, but it also gave me a lot of free time to bore to death. I left that job to work in a Fashion retail shop called 'OUTFIT'... if you don't know what this is, its a huge shop which consists of quite a few decent shops(including my beloved Topshop) which I tell you is hard to find in Walsall town centre. Things were going quite well working in fashion, even if it is just fashion retail, I was getting more hours, I was actually working instead of sitting behind a counter drinking way too may cups of tea in one day, and I really do love fashion, if it was a quiet day I'd spend my day creating new outfits in my head, daydreaming about being a millionaire, having a walk-in-wardrobe and owning every item of clothing and accessories I had ever given a double head turn towards. however becoming a millionaire hadn't really panned out as I had hoped, hours have dropped at work and I am now working 4 hours a week! A WEEK! how am i meant to live on 20 quid a week? impossible. luckily I live with my parents and don't have to pay much board to them, but still, how the hell is that going to fund my shopping addiction? its not going to even begin to cover that. . . so now I'm on the 'Looking for a job' mode, dislike this quite a bit.

Right, Rant over. despite my lack of money I did get paid on Friday, so of course I went shopping. bargain shopping though really, I steered clear of Topshop and other shops way out of my price range.
I quite love H&M (even if they did turn my job application down! Clearly their loss) I brought this VERY cute and fetish looking leather skirt and a vest top saying 'Today's Outfit'- total price £22, Bargain. now all i needed was some shoes to go with it :P

That purchase came the very next day. I've been after some leopard print wedges for quite a while, so I went on a mission to Newlook after hearing some lovely news that they had an amazing pair in store, like the ones I had invented in my mind. low and behold they only had a size 4 in them... I'm a size 3, damn... I danced around the shop for a while in the size 4 hoping that they would sort of fit me and I could still have them. I was determined to have these shoes. The woman working on shoes told me there were no size 3's left. blatant lie! so I put on my Visual Merchandiser mind. If I were a VM I'd put the little cute shoes in the window. I ran outside leaving my friend holding the size 4 shoes looking sort of puzzled as to what i was doing. I ran back in shouting THEY'RE IN THE WINDOW! IT'S FATE, I NEED TO BUY THEM! so I sent one of the sales advisors on a mission to fetch me the shoes out of the window, and I got my shoes :) WAHEY!!

(The shoes on the table later on that night... )

I went out on the piss last night! which used to be a regular occurrence, but since I am now going out with the man of my dreams (who I'm sure ill end up telling you all about at some point)  I don't feel the need to get slaughtered every weekend! although I did have a good night! getting ready is always fun, the revealing of the whole outfit teamed with the hair and make-up is always exiting! (especially when you are downing a few home made cocktails). My home made cocktail consists of Archers, Vodka & Malibu, my measuring systems is just throw it in the jug, top it up with tropical fruit juice, a bit of grenadine and some alcoholic blue carucao, for the different coloured layers! and i tell you what, it tastes very nice, and gets you 'slightly' drunk.

The night was a laugh, talked to a lot of random people about life, I tend to make best friends with people when I've had a few drinks... only downside to the night was that I wore my beloved shoes for not even half of the night. I took them of in the first club, within the first hour. I don't like to admit it, but I'm not a very good lady, and I am far from elegant in a pair of heels. I look more like an elephant on stilts. As much as i have a shoe fetish, I can't walk in them for shit.

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