Sunday, 12 February 2012

It's been a while...

Haven’t written a blog for a few days now! And I honestly have missed it! I have actually been busy working, believe it or not! A few people have been ill (luckily for me, no so lucky for them) so I’ve been handed a few extra hours which are very much appreciated and needed!! So to be honest my days haven’t been totally exiting, I haven’t had chance to create many outfits as all I can wear at work is black clothes... which I think is stupid. I work in a fashion shop; I should be advertising the fashion... I do it as much as I can but it’s hard to look quirky and fashionable wearing all black, it’s a good job I have big red hair to backcomb to make me feel a bit more me :) 

This is how I looked at work today! I do quite like my black velvet dress, that was a purchase for work, I brought  it full price for £32 (ouch) and then a few weeks later in was in the sale for £18. Nice.

I do also quite like my bug necklace, which was in the sale from Topshop for £1.50! Bargain! I really love my necklace, I get mixed reviews, people either say "wow your necklace is so unusual I love it" or they say "is that bugs on your necklace" with a puzzled expression. Yes they are bugs on my necklace and I like the bugs thanks!

I woke up yesterday to be greeted with this fine gentleman in my garden, I like to call him Mr. Fox. He did look quite cute sat it the snow :) nothing overly excited but he made me smile and so I took a photo of him!

Also I’ve become quite obsessed with these bad boys.

Caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks. nom. I’ve kind of got hooked on them since it started to snow. My rule in life is that when it snows you must have a hot chocolate! I'll be back to my caramel frappacinnos in the summer though! They are my favorite :)

I’m going to Birmingham tomorrow and I’m going to attempt to get a new outfit with less than £20. Yeah. It will be a challenge! But who doesn’t love a challenge ay?
We’re going to head to a shop called COW. It’s like a little vintage branch. I haven’t been there before, but I’ve heart it’s really nice! And cheap also! Of course they are all vintage, old and one offs, but that’s my favorite kind of clothing. Once you’ve washed them and got that old musty smell they are quite amazing! I love having something only
I have! I’ll let you know the results of my shopping spree for under 20 pound. Until then check out 'we are cow' they have a blog and also a website where you can buy a few of their selected items! they are cheaper in stores than they are on the website but they put some of the really nice stuff online  :) 

I’m also going to try and bleach some shorts of mine. I’ll let you know the results, if they are successful or not and all that jazz on my next blog! :)

Until next time! :)


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    1. thanks so much! :) I have a love hate relationship with my hair haha :)I love the necklace too! XD

  2. Wow, you look amazing <3 !
    I like your blog and are your new follower

    Love Meroda

    1. Aww thanks so much! I really need more followers! I have 4 though now thanks to you! :) x

  3. Lovely hair colour:) oh and love your necklace!x