Saturday, 25 February 2012

Words of wisdom

I brought such a cute outfit today! Not for me, but for my nieces. I went to H&M before work today and took a quick browse into the kids section. And oh my god, they have some stuff in there that I would wear myself!
So although my niece’s birthdays aren’t until April and June, I HAD to buy these very cute outfits! Just look at them! I honestly would wear them myself if they were bigger :)

Denim Jacket - £9.99

Dress- Sale- £1!

Work again today, wahey! Still on the lookout for another job, I really need more money to fund my shopping addiction and I have got ALOT of holidays booked for this year! This means I need more money, and more outfits! I really do need to start selling my shiz on fleebay sharpish!

(Dead cheap as well because we don’t want to be rich, we just want a bit more money to fund our addiction :P)

IVE PUT SOME OF THEM ON EBAY NOW! WHAEY! And I have actually sold 2 them already! Few of the items are still to be put on there! :) were getting all business-y now! We want to start selling loads of cool clothes on there, like some of our little findings that we may come across in the vintage stores and such!

If you fancy having a look at what we've got on sale then visit our eBay store! :) Vintage.Kiss.x

I suppose I shall leave you with my outfit of the day! I haven't worn anything exiting in a few days as I've been working (YAY) but I managed to put this outfit together today, what do you think? :)

Shirt-Charity shop
Belt- Charity shop
Boots - Primark

I have only worn this dress once or twice, I don’t know why because it’s really nice! I think it’s going to have to go on the “to take on my holidays” list! Talking about that, I think me and my sister may have to fight over our many shared items as to who gets to take what on holiday: / that will be fun!

THE BOOTS! Ahhhh the lovely boots! They are like doc martens! With heels! And I only paid about 10 quid for them! I saw them (when I weren’t meant to be spending money) in Primark in the sale! I instantly fell in love with them and stood there in a sulk because I wanted them so badly! My friend offered to buy them for her because I didn’t take my card because I knew that I would buy things if I did! I still brought them regardless of bringing my card or not! I don’t regret it for a second though! I am in love with them, but I can’t walk in them for too long, because I’m rubbish in heels, so they sit in my wardrobe and look pretty until I know I’m going somewhere where I don’t have to walk far!

Peace! :)

Tanya  x  


  1. I cant wait to see Emmie and Kayla in those , they will look soo cute! :D I bloody love that outfit btw!!!! And oh dear... I'm not looking forward to that conversation :P

    1. they're going to look so cute! especially since I brought them the matching outfits! can't wait to see them all dressed up Tanya and Sophie style :P

  2. Those kids clothes are flippin' ace! Can totally see why yr raving about them. why didn't they make clothes like that when I was little?! Superduper outfit you got there, I can't believe those boots are from primark - they look proper posh! You definitely made the right decision in buying them haha xx

    1. I KNOW! I wish my older sister was a bit more unusual like me, she dresses them lovely, but I'd dress them much more oddly :P

      I LOVE MY BOOTS! I went into the shop saying "I never really find anything THAT nice in Primark" and then discovered these beauties! love at first sight it was :)

  3. THOSE BOOTS. I can't even explain how much I need them.

    1. haha! this comment made me laugh! last time I looked in Primark them still had a few pairs! they did them in black, red and brown too! :)