Friday, 17 February 2012

Just A Girl Living Inside A Dream

Haven’t written my blog for a few days again! Mainly because I’ve been at work the past 2 days, so it’s impossible to take photos of my outfits as my uniform has to be all black. Boring. But I’ve got a day off today! So some serious Sims playing has been done, and now for updating my blog and all that jazz. Also I now have my first blog number one fan, my younger sister, who gets agitated when she asks me if I’ve written a new blog yet and I reply with no :) bless!

Here is my outfit of today!

Coat-River Island (from years ago!)
Tights- Primark

Cardigan-Charity shop £5

Robot Earrings -Topshop

Camera necklace - Topshop

Frig Necklace - Topshop

Frog Ring - Topshop
Peace Ring- DIVA @ Miss Selfridge's 

I decided to wear my stripy dress today! I brought this dress for when I went to see The Kooks (my favorite band) because I wanted to attract the lead singer into marrying me. Didn’t quite happen but I did get pretty close to his face. Mmm.
The dress was from Topshop and is still available! Click here

£26 for a dress isn’t bad. I actually ALWAYS wear dresses; I just think they’re so versatile and comfortable! Topshop's variety of flippy dresses are amazing. I literally have this dress in 5 different designs! They are just really flattering! They cling where you want them to and flare out where they need to!
As you can see my green knitted vest is back! My purchase from the begging of the week but this time worn over a dress! :) My boyfriend’s mom can knit. She actually knitted me some cushion covers for my room (I’ll add a picture) and she said she could probably knit me another of these! So I’m going to buy her some nice wool and put an order in for a knitted top! It will be a one of a kind anyway!

as you can tell, I FOUND A NEW LOCATION! there's a small ally way behind my boyfriend's house, so whilst walking home today with my sister i dumped my bags and told her to take the photos for my blog! This is definitely more suited to take my outfit photos then in the mirror in my tiny bedroom full of junk!! quite pleased with the overall look! :)

So after my Sims playing I thought I better get something done with my day, tidied half of my room after a lot of procrastination and then my nieces arrived! Of course they decide to trash my room a bit but in the process I decided to style them up “Aunty Tanya” Style… this was the outcome!!!


You must admit, they look gorgeous! My mom and older sister said they looked like they were dressed like hippies and a bit like how I dress; my little sister looked at them and said “WOW, you should dress them like this every day!” I’m not saying that they could go out of the house like it, but they do look pretty cool, If I ever make a small person, I will deffo have to shop around for some extremely vintage/indie/hippy kind of clothes!! I’ll make mini me people!! XD

I have discovered that there is a vintage shop now open in Walsall! WHERE I LIVE! I haven’t had the chance (or the money) to go up there yet, but I will have to go on a little adventure to find it soon! I’m sure they will have a regular customer for life!!  I might ask if I can dress their mannequins or something… :)

I have also completed bleaching my shorts! But I need to wash them before I wear them else I may actually pass out from the fumes…. So yeah, once again, they WILL be on my next blog: P I promise this time!!


Tanya  x


  1. My goodness, they are PRECIOUS. Loving your robot earrings and crazy red hair too!

    found the route

  2. thank you! they really are! :) and thanks!! ME TOO! XD