Sunday, 19 February 2012

The not so Exiting Adventures of Tanya Reynolds

Quick blog before work! (Yay more hours! which means more money to shop with!) I have been very boring recently, I haven’t really been anywhere, or seen anything. I did go and see the Muppets at the cinema the other day though, not advised, shittest film ever, we actually walked out half way through as it kept bursting into (rather rubbish) songs. Other than that exciting adventure, I haven’t done much at all! I’m waiting for payday! And also dreading the small amount I’m going to receive, but I do want to go to the vintage shop in Walsall as soon as I get paid! Haha!

Me and my sister are going to see the ballet on Tuesday and Wednesday! We are very cultural like that see: P haha! Well if you didn’t know, I’m actually a qualified dance teacher, more freestyle and street than ballet, but I do a few ballet classes! Nowhere near as amazing as the people we will be watching though! So were going to see Swan Lake and Beauty and the Beast! YAY! I said we should try and dress all elegant to trick everyone into thinking where dead posh and that, we may even put an accent on too! Because let’s face it, the Black Country accent isn't all that is it? 

SO this is what I wore yesterday, our new favorite spot to take photos at the minute is the abandoned house next door to us, it has a bit of an olden day look to the garden, ours is too modern, so we jump over a lot of rubbish and up a wall to get our perfect shooting location! :)

Beatles Top- Topshop
Skirt & Tights- Newlook
Boots- Gift

Denim Shorts- Internacionale
Knitted Vest - Charity Shop
Boots - Newlook

I decided to get my Beatles top on today <3 if you don’t listen to the Beatles you should. Fact. I brought this top quite a while back from Topshop! I can’t quite remember how much it was... about £25? And also my beloved burgundy skirt from Newlook which just goes with every single top in my wardrobe! Got to love it! My sister joined in with the fashion photo business also! I’m trying to persuade her to write a blog, but as of yet she’s not quite convinced as she says she "would be rubbish" because she "can’t talk to people very well"... strange girl.

Also decided to sell some clothes on fleebay! Me and Sophie got together and decided we have way too many clothes that we have worn once or never worn and won’t wear again! I’m going to post a few photos of some of the things on here and then you can check out eBay if anything catches your eye :)

RIGHT! I did promise bleached shorts look today, and I’m not one to break a promise, however this is just a quick one before work today, so what I shall do is take a photo when I get back from work and post the look straight away!! PROMISE!! XD no promises broken, I did say I’d do it with my next blog and technically it’s the same day, so it’s fine. :)

PLEASE FOLLOW ME! not that I’m begging or anything :/ but I only have 5 followers and that’s a bit rubbish, so if you read me, please follow me if you like my blog! Plus, my boyfriend writes a music blog and he only has one follower and I want to make him jealous of my many followers! MUHAHAHAH! :)


Tanya  x

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