Tuesday, 14 February 2012

She's coming for you...

I went to Birmingham yesterday, and surprisingly didn’t get too lost looking for the vintage shop! It was literally like heaven in there, but way too many things try on. My sister and I loved it! But our friend didn’t quite as much, she is I supposed classed as a normal person opposed to us slightly out of the norm, 'hippyfied' 'vintage-y' freaks. So we didn’t get to have as much of a rummage as we would have liked, but I will definitely be taking another trip there in the near future!

We managed to find these 2 really cheap and really lovely skirts. £3 each in the sale! You really can’t beat that. me and my sister, Sophie, went halves on them (mainly because I chose a skirt which she then tried on, which I then decided I liked more, so we came to an agreement and decided to share the 2) I then spent the remainder of the shopping spree finding a top to go with the skirts. I do think that some things are just stupidly priced in shops now. No I will not pay £50 for a shirt. Pfft. so we headed towards good old H&M, and one of my new favorite shops in the world Forever 21.

Top-£7.99 H&M
Skirt-£3 Cow Vintage
Belt-£1 Charity shop
Tights-£2.50 Primark

Knitted vest-£7.99 H&M
Skirt-£3 Cow Vintage
Peace Necklace-£1.50 Topshop(SALE)

We brought a nice t-shirt to go with the 2 skirts (they matched them both!) and it was only £7.99. Bargain. And also a knitted vest top, which was also £7.99. So I did manage my task of getting an outfit for under £20! But got carried away and got 2 outfits... considering that each outfit only cost £10.99 (not including the tights and belt and jewelry which I already own) that’s not bad!

 I had got my completed outfits before we headed to forever 21. Strangely enough I’d never been shopping in Birmingham, even though it’s only a 20 train ride away! I instantly fell in love with forever 21. It has 3 floors and it’s just full of affordable fashion! I've often looked online at the clothes, but it honestly doesn’t do the shop justice! In real life the clothes look ALOT nicer than they do on the website! I found 2 dresses in there which I fell in love with, and really wanted to buy, but I thought about the bank balance and decided against buying 2 dresses, I did have to buy the one though! Only because it’s so different to anything else in my wardrobe! And it was only £19.95! For that price I really couldn’t say no :)

Decided to have a bit of a different hair style today and spent most my morning going mad with the curlers. I do like the curly look occasionally! but my hair just doesn't seem big enough. hmmmm.what do you think?

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Not that I even got as much as a card! A piece of paper folded in half would have done! First valentine’s day with my boyfriend of 9 months and I don’t even get a card! That’s men for you ay? He did say he would take me out for a meal within the next week to celebrate it though, so I suppose it’s the thought that counts! Where’s all the romance of the olden days gone!!

On a nicer note, I have started to bleach my jeans which I cut into shorts, stupid me forgot to take a before pictures, so I took a photo of the back of them so you could get the gist of the color they were before! Not quite completed them yet, so I’m going to finish them off and piece an outfit with them and then I’ll take photos!! So that’s something to look forward to on my next blog ay!
: P

Bye for now

Tanya  x


  1. Love all the skirts! The polka dots is my fave!!


  2. I brought the polka dot one from H&M like ages ago but decided to bring it back in to my life recently! haha :) thanks for the comment, much appreciated! xx