Monday, 6 February 2012

Shala la la..

You know what really annoys me? the fact that I live in such a crappy area that my photos for my blogs and fashion sites are in such shitty locations, I admire other peoples photos and think 'wow this looks awesome' they’re in the middle of a field, or on an abandoned train track... here in Walsall, I could take a photo down an alley way with some chavvy kids in the background shouting abuse and smoking god knows what even though they are probably about 12, but I don't quite think that screams fashion. It's quite frustrating, the image backgrounds are important; everyone else has got a nice outfit in a fantastic location. I have a nice outfit in a shitty location making my outfit look shitty, which I’m pretty sure it’s not. Then I start doubting it, thinking "hmm is this shit? It’s only got 3 likes" whereas the ones where people are stood in Paris or on a farm have about 20 odd likes. I swear I was born in the wrong city.

Right, rant over. It’s one of those days again where I have buggger all to do. I get dressed up in my lovely outfits to just sit on my laptop, write my blog and look at more and more fashion websites, then feel depressed that I can’t really buy the things. I found a website called there are some really cute dresses and skirts on there, I am yet to explore the rest of the site. They ship to the UK too! Okay some of their products may be a bit pricey but for what they are I think it’s worth it. Once I have a few more hours at work and a lot more money coming in I might treat myself to an item from there!
Here are a few items that I have fallen slightly (a lot) in love with...

Although I am a huge Topshop princess, I don’t like the idea of having the same clothes as everyone, and this is one of those sites where you know for a fact that nobody you know will own a single thing off there! And you’ve got to love a bit of individuality, I mean id make my own clothes if I could actually sew or had any idea at all about textiles. Unfortunately I don’t.

I’ve had a bit of a play around with my boyfriend’s room to create a little staging area for my photos, consisting of one of his guitars and his amps and vinyl’s. I’m sure he won’t mind :P at least my photos may be a little more appealing. I still think you can’t really beat an outdoorsy photo, next to an old gate or a fence or something, but as stated before, I am yet to find a decent place (another mission of mine I think!) but my staging area worked quite well I think, and after playing around with the brightness and contrast and stuff I’ve made them look quite vintage (I reckon).

Outfit of today! I am wearing a jumper, reintroduced to my current wardrobe! It was in a box at the bottom of my wardrobe with some other things I brought over a year ago that I no longer wear. It’s actually a jumper dress, I think I brought it originally for about £15, but today I decided to reintroduce it to my current wardrobe and wear it as a top paired with my lovely (favorite) skirt, which was a bargain for a fiver in the January sales at Newlook! My peace necklace was from Topshop in the sale and cost me the bargain price of £1.50, and I am wearing my vintage look bow ring and matching necklace both from Primark at £2 each! So total outfit cost about £28? To think that people buy outfits for, well, A LOT more than that, I think that is a pretty damn good outfit for £28! :) 

Anyway, I've babbled on for long enough now to bore you all to death, so I'll get back to doing bugger all and leave you to your lives! But first listen to another one of my favorite songs this time by The Arctic Monkeys :)


  1. Yaaay you have a blog! I totally feel yr pain re crap picture locations. I have to do all mine inside because a) it's bloody cold out and b) there is NOWHERE decent to take a style picture in my area. It blows. Your pictures are so lovely though, and yr style is admirable :)

    1. you are to be thanked for my blogging hahah I read yours and it inspired me! i am a bit of a rubbish writer though, I'm no journalist!
      It really does suck, so I'm on the hunt for anywhere a little more exiting than in my tiny bedroom! :)
      thanks for the comment! :) xxx