Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ballet round 2!

Beauty and the Beast is of course the same thing as Sleeping Beauty right? Of course it’s not! There both good of course, but my sister is a bit, well, stupid :) haha! it wasn’t until we actually got to the venue and saw the posters hadn’t changed since yesterday and thought "hmmm, do you think the ballet is actually Sleeping Beauty?" shouldn’t really let my younger sister do the organizing : P

We had better seats this time so we didn’t have to do any sly moving around the theater looking for a seat to pinch! We did still however have our ultra-elegant bottles of pop in our pockets and this time a bag of 
milky bar buttons each! mmmm!

This is what I wore this time!! :)

not doing too bad on pretending to be elegant! I think I pull it off, if you just saw me walk down the street dressed like I have the past few days, you’d think I’m all posh and snooty!

I brought this dress a while back for my nieces Christening party, I haven’t worn it since! So the ballet was a perfect opportunity to bring it back to life!
The clutch bag was
 £110! I didn't buy it :p I actually won it on Asos Fashionfinder! created an outfit for a competition and won the daily prize! was well chuffed! and its a bloody good clutch bag, I'm just scared to use it :)

Did a bit more recreating of outfits in my wardrobe today and this is what I decided to wear! 

Dress & Shirt - Topshop

The dress was what I wore for a BBQ on my 21st Birthday, it is a lovely dress. And I wore a mustard shirt over the top which I tied in a not and tucked underneath the shirt to make it shorter. I decided to put some heels on, because I do like heels, a lot, but I just can’t walk in them very well. However these shoes are the most comfortable heels EVER!

IT’S PAYDAY TOMMOROW! This means a trip to the vintage shop in Walsall which I keep on saying I’m going to go to!! Also might even pop back up to Vintage cow, as it’s just so lovely there!

On top of that there’s a vintage fair that travels to different places and its coming to Birmingham! Check it out here to see if one will be near you! I’m really looking forward to going there, will definitely be an adventure and I know I’ll find way too many pretty things that my bank balance can’t handle!!


Tanya  x 

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