Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How'd you like that.

I've been a bad blogger, well a busy one! I’ve had absolutely no time at all to write a new post! I've missed it! I feel like a massive let down for not posting one for ages!

The date to the vintage fair is drawing closer and
I’m finding it harder and harder to resist buying pretty clothes. I need to save my money to spend at the vintage fair! After all, the stuff there is going to be one of a kind! Unlike the generic stuff in most stores!

I'm running out of clothes in my wardrobe to show you, so I'm going to have to start setting myself fashion tasks. One task me and my sister were going to do was the weekly wardrobe mix up! So for one week we wear whatever we want, then the next week, we have to wear the same clothes as the week before but mix them up with each other to create totally different outfits! It’s do-able! :) So I've started this from Monday :) and we shall see what I come up with! Ill have to do an evaluation blog at the end of the two weeks and do comparison photos! I'm also going to tell my sister to do the task with me check out MY SISTER!'S blog :) anyone else who wants to join our little task feel free!

Here’s how my first 2 outfits have turned out! :)


Dress- Miss Selfridge
Shirt - Topshop


Dress- Topshop
Tights - Primark
Cardigan- Charity Shop

Nothing to do with my outfit, just a cool pic of the signature red lips & hair!

I don’t have a Wednesday outfit as I’ve been at work all day! Although, instead of wearing my usual boring black uniform, we got to get a bit creative! It was too bad that I only got one day’s notice, so I could only get creative with my existing wardrobe. The theme was superheroes and villains! And of course with my red hair, and my love for the colour green, what better character to be than Poison Ivy? :) This was my outcome of my D.I.Y. fancy dress costume (which I made in less than an hour!)

I’m a bit of a fancy dress queen, I do love making costumes because they don’t have to be all perfect, they can be messy and all over the place, which is more like the person I am! I love making my Halloween costumes and all that! So I think I need to up my game and start making a few clothes to actually wear in the day! I’m pretty sure I could manage a skirt! I will try it one day! Need to invest in a sewing machine (as well as a lot more pretty clothes!)

I'll leave you on this lovely note, Alex went out the other night, came back slightly drunken but with this romantic gesture, how sweet :)


Tanya  x 


  1. I'm really looking forward to Saturday :D Cant wait to buy some new clothes its been too long! And with the mix up challenge thingy-ma-bob, ive sort of failed , I havnt took a single picture of an outfit this week , I havnt really had one to take a pic of :P aha , your look cute thought :) xx

    1. it really has been a while! we've been so good! especially with all the ebay selling! we deserve it ;)

      I only have outfits for mon and tue! rest of the week I've been at work for too long!!