Monday, 5 March 2012

Walking In A Vintage Wonderland

Selfridge's & Co

The vintage fair was just amazing! I was more in love with the people than the stalls. I felt like I was in a town full of people like me! Like I gone back in time or something? I rarely see fellow 'cool' people, and I was surrounded by them, had to do a lot of appreciative nods to people.
It was really busy there! I wish the room that it was in was a lot bigger! Because the stalls alone were all squeezed in, so along with a ton of people there was hardly room to move! We did see ALOT of pretty things; we managed to be as sensible as possible and only brought something if we were truly in love with the item!
Me and my sister went halves on all the clothes to kind of save money, and to save on arguments on who finds the best items :P

we didn't buy this, but look how awesome this shirt is!
Just loads of Beatles heads!
If it was a smaller size I would have got it for Alex!

We popped into vintage cow first, because it’s been a while since we've been there! we were on the lookout for clothes to wear to a 60's party we’ve got coming up, it’s for some relatives who live in Weymouth (bloody lovely there) so were going up for a weekend later this month! Wahey!


Floral Dress- £8
We brought an everyday floral dress; it’s such a nice fit! And the fact that it was only £8 is a plus!

Patch work Dress-£8
I brought a patchwork dress in mind for a 60's party I have coming up, but I will wear this outside of fancy dress parties! At first I was a bit unsure, I know I dress slightly odd occasionally but this dress is really out there compared to some of the things I wear, but I really am in love with it.

Sophie’s 60's outfit! £8
This is a jumpsuit with a really bright floral pattern on it, it immediately screamed '60's!' and it will make a lovely future eBay seller!


Clock Necklace- £8
I wanted to get a nice vintage necklace, haven’t purchased any jewellery in a while... so I had to?

We fell in love with a shirt, it has crotchet detail on the sleeves and collar which really stands out and it’s just beautiful, and it will go with all of our skirts and shorts and dresses! And it gives us another reason to do some homemade skirts!

Circle Sunglasses £5
I recently purchased some John Lennon style sunglasses off eBay, because I want some for the summer, and it will be a perfect accessory to go with my 60's costume, but we saw these John Lennon sunglasses and fell in love with them, now we have 2 pairs! Saves us arguing over who gets to wear them :)

I must apologize for the lack of photos of these items, but we just didn’t get round to taking any photos of them! For one the weather has been miserable, and 2 I have been nonstop and haven’t had the time! I’ll take photos of them a.s.a.p.! When I get a moment and can get a good location to take them in, really sick of taking photos in my bedroom mirror, hey just look awful.

We also discovered a new shop! A mod shop called urban... something. It was just on the corner where the custard factory is, it was amazing in there! We turned the corner and there was no way we could miss seeing it! There were proper mod scooters outside the shop and the owners in their parkas and doc martens stood proudly by them, then we saw a proper mod guy, who had really good hair too! The shop was lovely, full of lovely little things, and loads of clothes! It was really packed in there also; with the vintage fair just over the road I think they attracted a lot of new customers! There were old posters and things all on the walls, a shelf full of doc martens and an old juke box in the corner. My boyfriend really loves the mod style, so I phoned him straight away to tell him where I was and how much he'd love it! So me and him are going to make a trip to Birmingham soon and I’m going to show him the vintage and mod shop :)

We brought a chequered shirt from there for the bargain price of £6! We saw some other lovely things but there was a queue for the fitting rooms and we couldn’t really be bothered with waiting in line to try clothes on! So we risked it and brought it anyway! It’s not like we splashed out too much!

After we had finished in the vintage fair we went to the little cafe, for tea and cupcakes! The tea was served in little vintage china teacups and saucers, and the cupcakes were delicious! We had 2 each... bit greedy. We could only manage half of the second one! But just look how lovely they are!

so glad I discovered the vintage fair, I pretty much passed out when we got home, we spent a whole 8 hours on the go and shopping, amazing day all in all!!

Along with all this we discovered a few new events that we are going to attend! There is a vintage auction taking place on the 31st of March, which even if it is really expensive, it will be nice to see all the pretty clothes! And you never know we could just get a few bargains!
There is also another vintage clothes show, with around 80 different stalls and a fashion show and everything!  I think that’s on the 1st of April? I’ll look into it and post the details!

we saw cooler scooters than these, but the owners had left these
which gave us a chance to take some sly photographs!

Me & Sophie


Apologise for the very long blog, but it has been a while since my last blog and I have A LOT to say



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