Thursday, 22 March 2012


So despite being petrified of going to the hairdressers because they usually cut too much off, I’ve gone and had it all chopped off! The majority of people didn’t want me to cut my hair off, but doesn’t that just make you kind of want to do it more?

Only a few people were telling me to go for it. So I grew some balls n just did it!
The hairdresser got ever so excited, I just went to my local, because I’m poor and it’s cheap! And you can imagine that all they get to do really do is old lady perms and the few children’s trims, so they got to be creative for the day! They did a really good job! It usually takes me a while to get used to a new haircut, for it to start looking alright, but I instantly liked this one! Which was quite surprising since I had the majority of it cut off! I heard the first chop of my hair, and saw the luminous red piece of long hair drop to the floor and I had to actually shut my eyes!

This was the outcome!

Glasses - £5 - Vintage fair

Real short at the back!

Finally Re-wore my home-made bleached shorts!
Beatles top - Topshop

The Recent eBay Sellers!!

The Denim jacket and Jumper are two of our newest selling items on eBay. I very nearly didn’t sell them because once I put this outfit on I kind of fell in love with it. But I still went ahead and listed them on eBay! I don’t think I’ll be hugely disappointed if they don’t sell though! I’ll just keep them! :) 

I’ve been fighting the urge to go shopping for a while now. It has been a while! But I’ve caved in and cannot fight any longer! Tomorrow I am going on a charity shop binge. This time I have recruited a new member! I’m going to take my friend Becky, who I have complete style control over for the day! WOOHOO! I bloody love this. I would be an amazing personal shopper!  She’s never been to charity shops before so I’m showing her the ways!!! I’m definitely going to have to budget myself as I am so bloody poor it’s unreal! 

I did buy a dress the other day to wear to a wedding I’ve got to go to! So I’ll take photos of that sharpish! And I’ll post it along with the bargains I get from the charity shop! 

Just a short one this time, which I think was needed after my stupidly long blog the other day! Apologies to whoever actually read all that!!

Until next time!

Peace! :)

Tanya  x 


  1. Your hair looks so nice like this!! Ah I'd have been terrified too! I hate going to the hairdressers, they never do what you want!? Glad you were happy with the outcome though - you totally should be, really suits you! Love the 3rd pic, very pretty x

    1. yeah I don't know what came over me to just get it all chopped off but I'm glad I did!

      aww thanks! your too sweet :) <3


  2. Matching shorts and hair-the best :D