Monday, 30 April 2012

Friendly Fashion UK

If any of you are like me, you most likely have tons of clothes, either worn just a few times, or even still with the tags on, and for some unknown reason you know you will never wear that item, even though you once cherished it. most people will just end up throwing it out.

Have any of you heard of the trend of swapping your clothes online? I've thought about it but ive never really looked into doing it. I really like the idea of that the clothes have a story behind them, of which you can imagine yourself! which is probably the reason behind my love for vintage fashion and charity shops, that and the fact that its cheaper than chips!

I've just found a new website just for that! Check it out for your self! it is a bit like an on-line charity shop, where you have to browse to find exactly what your looking for, but isn't that just part of the fun of finding a bargain! 

The aim of the site is to buy into fashion in a more meaningful way. You can either sell your clothes on there (with no charge for listing) or post the item you wish to get rid of, give it away, or swap it with another member.

They are building a community of social shoppers, where you can discuss topics in forums, or directly message and meet other like minded people. 

I think that swapping clothes is a great way of recycling your unwanted clothes, whats that saying? Whats someone's junk is another's treasure, or something like that!

If you are on a budget, on a mission to clear out your wardrobe, or searching for some interesting pieces to experiment with, Friendly Fashion is a great place to start! It costs nothing to have a look around and you might leave with some great finds!

Here are a few of my personal favourites from the site at the moment
Floral Shirt - £1.80
+£3.00 P&P

Handmade Earrings £4
Free P&P 

Floral French Connection shirt

Until Next time!

Tanya  x

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