Saturday, 14 April 2012


I'm becoming a terrible bloggger! I've just had a lot of stuff going on lately and have been non stop!

SO, I know you've all been dying to know about the rest of my holiday... yeah.


So we went to this place on the Thursday which was maybe one of the best places ever! it had so much stuff going on! It was broken up into different sections, there was a section with a small zoo/farm bit, with goats and baby sheep! and a donkey and a horse! and TURTLES! I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
There was also a water slide section, which we didn't think we'd get that wet on , so decided to go on, but of course we got wet, fully clothed with soaked arses. nice. Just to inform you all, wet tights are not the most comfortable of things to be wearing.

There was loads more there but I forgot the majority of it, mainly because the main attraction to the place is all I can remember (other than the farm!) how you describe this place is nowhere near as exiting as it actually is. It is basically a 4 story Ball park! like a wacky warehouse but adults can play too! when I first got told about this I was a bit like, yeah but I'm all "Grown Up" (so to speak) and that kind of stuff isn't going to be even half as enjoyable as it once was! WRONG! I got in there and I turned into a little 6 year old again! it was so exiting!
If you are ever near the area you MUST go! we enjoyed it that much we are actually considering going camping up there for a weekend! that would be amazing :)  CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE!!

My outfit wasn't really shown off at it's best this day. Once again it was cold, so the chunky red Jumper made a comeback! and as for my attire, I was slightly panicked at the fact that I hadn't really thought about doing any kind of climbing, sliding, crawling type of activities, and had to resort to wearing 2 pairs of black tights to avoid flashing my knickers to children. classy.

FRIDAY! Going Home/Weston-Super-Mare!
I saved my most favourite outfit for this day, kind of like the finale outfit. I brought this dress on my little shopping spree I had before my holiday, along with the yellow dress from my previous blog! this dress cost me £14.99, WHICH IS A RIP OFF COMPARED TO MY OTHER BARGAINS! But it's still a bloody god buy for such a lovely dress! Don't you agree?

Before we set off home I decided to take advantage of the lovely decking and view we had from our caravan. once again, I wish this was the view from my bedroom window, and the backdrop to most of my fashion blog photos!!!

How pretty?

This is a ring that my Grandad gave to me and my sister, we asked him where he got it and he told us he found it in a gutter! we pissed ourselves laughing and then said "yeah, we'll have it!!"

We appear to be having this tradition going on, whenever we go on holiday, we end up stopping off at Weston-Super-Mare and spending the day there before heading home. I'ts really lovely there, nice beach and the pier is amazing! It's got a huge arcade inside and has little rides inside too!

Dress - T.K.Maxx - £14.99
Necklace- Topshop
Belt- Stolen from Sophie
Cardigan - Charity Shop
Bag - Miss Selfridge


The wind casually blowing my dress up, I don't look too fussed by it though...

I think I was being sad because I couldn't have a nice photo with Alex because it was too windy

Sorry about the length of this blog once again, my next one will be shorter! PROMISE! :)



Tanya  x  


  1. I loveee that last outfit :D We so need 2 go to that ball place!I'd love it there aha xxx

    1. thankss! and ah we really need to go! was amazing!

  2. Ahhh I have also been a ridiculously crap blogger recently!! Glad to see yr back though! Your holiday looks like it was mega fun and the pictures are great, especially the one of the flying seagulls and THE GOOOOATTT!!He looks great!
    Good ankle socks and dress combo btw :) and the hair is still looking fabby!

    1. Yeah the seagul photo was just a lucky shot! and i love the goat! the farm actually had advertisements to BUY A GOAT! but my boyfriend convinced me it was a bad idea and that he wouldn't keep still in the car on the journey home. Was quite upsetting.

      Thanks! yeah I'm still loving the short hair! don't regret it for a second!