Sunday, 22 April 2012

In Some Dreaming State...

The Unveiling of 1 of the items brought on my last shopping trip.

The Floral Dress

I look quite confused and depressed in these photos! I think it was partly because on my first attempt at taking photos down the alleyway, the scrap men came driving down shouting, which kind of scared me so I had to run and hide until they went. I think at this point I was still cautious that they may come back. Looking back over on these photos are probably what made me take the next two overly smiley photos.

THE DRESS- £12 - T.K.Maxx

Detailing on the collar..

Puffy sleeves!

I don't know what the photos of my shoes are doing really. Just proving to myself and everyone that I could probably do with getting some new shoes. I do however refuse to part with these shoes, they aren't THAT old but they have been worn the hell out off, that I'll admit...

I don't quite know whats wrong with me, but I have come to the conclusion that i have a major shopping addiction. Since the shopping trip resulting in 4 items, I have also brought another 2 dresses, which when I showed my boyfriends mom, replied with "Yeah, because you really needed another 2 dresses!" I chose to ignore her.

But I did actually buy a MIDI DRESS! Can you beleive it? finally. So look forward to seeing that on my next blog!

Until next time!! <3

Peace out

Tanya  x


  1. Aww these pics are cute :) I love this dress its gorgeous :D You really are addicted 2 shopping, I'm sick of it tho because you keep going shopping without - making me jealous... :P So, next time you go shopping and spend MORE money on clothes you DONT need , take me so we can do it together :P x

    1. Ah i know, I can't help myself! I'll take u next time, im feeling a trip to the vintage shop in walsall, and to the sweet shop, quite soon... ;)

  2. You are such a doll, such a pretty face and lovely hair :)
    The dress is really cute, great combo with the floral tights! Love this look!

  3. awesome style, hair, everything, just one big wow. Really nice blog, maybe we could follow each other? :)

    1. Thanks for the comment & the complimetns! I'll check out your blog too :) <3

  4. I love your hair and that dress is great

  5. Just arrived on your blog! Really amazing!
    would you like to come and see my blog ?
    Have a wonderful day!
    A kiss from ITALY!!