Sunday, 10 February 2013

Betti comes to brum.

The day finally arrived! Our dear blogging buddy Betti arrived in birmingham armed and ready to shop like no woman has shopped before! With a lovely veggie breakfast at weather spoons to set us up for the day we forgot the importance of money  and headed to the vintage shops of birmingham!

If you are heading to Birmingham for some serious vintage shopping here are a few MUST GO TO's!

The Oasis Store-
110-114 Corporation St, City Centre
Cow-82 Digbeth

Urban Village-The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Digbeth

Mr. Birds Emporium -Gibb St, Birmingham 
Forgotten Vintage -Unit 9, Great Western Arcade
Vintage Clothing-91 Alison street

We visited all of the above! Belly full of tea and a cupcake later we were on the train back to Walsall 8 hours later, dragging our masses of purchases behind us and just about able to stand up.

We crashed out with a chinese take-away, a few episodes of The Mighty Boosh and drank masses of tea & wine until we eventually passed out.

The following day we set out to Walsall to shop our socks off for the second day in a row.
We went to Emm Vintage and a couple of charity shops and bagged a few bargains.

Rather than trawling through the remaining vintage/charity shops we decided to have a slight spur of the moment tattoo which resulted in the following images.

I am so happy with my tattoo! which by the way took a whole painful hour! The detail on the tattoo is insane, but I do also understand Betti's predicament as I too can only see the artwork if I either take a photo or break my neck trying to look in the mirror.

The long day at Walsall was followed by wine and pizza which was quickly demolished before running to catch the train which we missed, and narrowly missed getting abducted by a drunken man. nice.

The Trip was succesful! I finished the 2 day shopping haul with 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 2 skirts, 5 tops, 2 scarfs, a tattoo and a frigging lethal shopping buddy!

I'm sure you will be seeing photos of my new purchases very soon.

Much Love!


  1. Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! LOVE the camera and needle tattoos! Can't wait to see what you discovered in the Op-Shops :)

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      We all love our tattoos! Trying to wait as long as possible before I have my next else I may end up covered in tattoos!

      I will be posting as soon as I get my camera out to take photos!!

      Keep your eyes peeled! x

  2. Hollaaaa! Finally got back on blogger and checked yr posty out, you did our jaunt proud!
    I'll reply to yr FB message shortly, but i thought i'd let ya know that the £1 jumble is on this weekend! Arrrghh! Next one is in March, buuuttt I'll be back in B'ham by then anyway!
    Muchos love ginge xxxx

    1. Also, I gave you the Liebster award! Have fun filling this in!