Tuesday, 14 August 2012

This Charming Girl

I went to Birmingham with Alex on my day off. I took him up to the Vintage and Mod Shop and he absolutely loved it! Which is great for me!

If you do go shopping in Vintage shops, you will understand it is vital to go with someone who also enjoys it. If you go with a friend who underestimates the greatness of Vintage Shops, They just stand around looking at the time and following you like a lost puppy. They don't rummage through at all, and leave you feeling guilty for making them stand there and wait for you. Fortunately for me this isn't the case with my lovely boyfriend!

I was actually surprisingly well behaved and only picked up one item from the Vintage shop, & you honestly cannot blame me for HAVING to buy this beauty of a skirt.

Before I tell you how much it cost me, just have a quick guess of how much it cost me....

..... It cost me £3! how could I not buy it? Not only was it £3 but being from a Vintage shop means its also one of a kind, nobody else will ever be seen wearing this skirt which is always a nice feeling!

What I Am Wearing
Skirt-Cow Vintage-£3
Bralet-New Look-Sale-£6
Sunflower Hair Clip-Asda-Gift
Shoes-New Look-£15.99
Detachable Collar - Romwe

Once again I got a bloody good accessory from Asda! My boyfriend's Mom picked me up a few different hair clips, all with Sunflowers, My favourite Flower, She Knows me too well! My boyfriends Dad has even planted me some Sunflowers in his garden! some of them haven't flowered yet, but I will definitely be getting some photos of them soon!

If you want to see more from the vintage and mod shop here are the links to there website!

Vintage Cow have other branches in England so who knows, you may even have a branch near you, and it is definately a MUST GO TO shop!

Urban Village is a Mod Shop that I have previously posted on, The shop is just like a wonderland of the past! have a browse through their site!!!

Anyway, I hope you are all well!

Until Next Time!!!

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  1. Lovely skirt, I would not be able to resist that either!!