Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wish You Were Here...

Hello Everyone!

I am currently blogging from Cornwall!

Unfortunately the weather isn't very nice to me and has decided to rain pretty much all day, leaving me daydreaming out of the window, urging to explore the 4 acres of land we have at the place we are staying!

Thankfully, It brightened up for about 20 minutes so I dashed outside, armed with my camera, and went on a mini adventure!

Me & My Boy!

My boyfriend's Mom brought me this dress, how lovely is she! One of the things I thought was quite amazing about this dress is the fact that at a first glance you don't notice that the top half of the dress is White with Black hearts, & the bottom is Black with White hearts! I realise that this isn't an amazing fact, but I was amazed by the fact when I finally realised!

Hopefully the weather is nicer tomorrow and I can explore the land around me even more! So look forward to a blog purely dedicated to photos of my discoveries!

Hope you are all okay!

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