Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Strangeness & Charm

I am proud to say THIS is what I wore to work today, That's right, I can now dress however I please for work (with in reason, I don't think they'd be all to pleased if I went in dressed as a rabbit.) Which is amazing, and also means more blog posts! I'm going to try and get photos of my outfits every morning before work if I can! I don't function all too well at 7 in the morning, but after a decent cuppa I might be able to squeeze in a quick photo shoot in the garden!

What I am Wearing
Purple Maxi Skirt - New Look - £16.99
Floral Button Cami -New Look Sale - £7
Black Cardigan - New Look - £12.99
Brown Brogues - New Look - (AGES AGO)
Nude Belt - New Look - £2.99
Necklace & Ring - New Look

As you can see I am totally kitted out with New Look Clothes. The Worst part about working in New Look is also one of the best parts of working there, and that is seeing all the new clothes come in store and instantly purchasing them in your head before your shift has even ended!

I'm really enjoying my work as a Visual Merchandiser, It just really suits me as a person, and I think I'm building some right muscles in my arms from lifting all the equipment everyday! who needs to go to the gym!

Until Next Time Folks!

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