Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Book Of Revelation

I've been posting my looks on the Street Style section on the website for the Look Magazine. Check out my outfits on there, and vote for them (if you like them of course) 
Some of the looks get chosen to go into the magazine, I haven't got my hopes up or anything, but I do have my fingers crossed that one day I may just be flicking through to see my face in there, that would be a funny feeling!

I actually pieced together a lovely outfit today, but unfortunately the weather decided to be typically British and rain all day! However when I was flicking through my Blog photos I came across these that I hadn't got round to publishing.

The pictures aren't great quality as they were took with my older camera, But are still decent enough to share with you guys!

                                        What I'm Wearing
Necklace-Freedom @ Topshop
Shoes-New Look

I brought this dress in the Topshop sale, and I think it looks great with shirts layered underneath it, I look almost secretarial (in a crazy world) But if I wear the dress on its own, I actually look more like a dinner lady, Or a Nurse. Not such a good look.

Anyway, Just another quick Thanks to all the people that read through all my rubbish I write & to all those that like my photos, etcetera. Cheers :)

Until Next Time!

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