Saturday, 11 August 2012

Achievements of the week!

I've actually been a little bit proud of myself lately, I think that having a bit more time to spend writing blogs and photographing outfits has paid off! that and the fact that my new camera is pretty amazing.

I've been on the front page of Chictopia the past few days and I am ever so slightly stupidly exited about it. I'm not even on the main part of the page, but even so, its an achievement in my eyes, and who knows! one day I just might be on that front photo ;) I can always wish.

I was that gob smacked that it happened that I took Snapshots of the page each time I featured on it, Just to be sure that it was really happening. So here are my looks shown on the homepage of Chictopia!!

So yeah, My Chictopia account has really took off, I'm so exited! most of my looks are now getting about 200  +1's which is huge compared to the 3 +1's I had when I first started my account on Chictopia! 

It's nice to know that people like your style and how you look, Its a huge confidence boost.

If anyone of you are on Chictopia, check out my profile here!

If you are, leave me a link to yours and I'll be sure to check yours out :)

If your not on Chictopia, GET AN ACCOUNT :) It's just a great way to check out other people styles and also discover new blogs! (and perhaps gain a few followers yourselves!)

1 comment:

  1. Glad you made the home page. Your looks are so cool, you deserve it! What camera do you use? I'm shopping around for a decent one!
    R xo