Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vintage Fantasy...

So! Day 3 (yesterday) of my holiday was pretty nice. I woke up to Sunshine, & I have made friends with a small cat who I have been feeding, He came to say hello this morning. I must remember to take a photo of him!

We went into a town called Boscastle, a little town with really cute shops. There was a man sat on the floor playing a flute thingy. I felt a bit like I'd gone back in time, which was quite nice.
My boyfriend spotted someone walking a Pug, so we followed him all the way up the street. I was very tempted to steel him.

After this we went to Tintagel, another town full of little quaint and quirky shops. definitely my favourite kind of shops!(after vintage shops of course!)

Although I'm really enjoying my time here in Cornwall, I think I am yet to find a town which has the best of the countryside, the seaside and the shopping experience! I don't think I could cope without my vintage shops. I even Googled to see if there were any Vintage shops in Cornwall & failed miserably.

Maybe I could open my own vintage shop up here in Cornwall and live here forever!

What I Wore Today
Vintage Dress-Cow- £6
Belt-New Look-£2.99
Necklace-New Look-Stolen From Sophie

Total Outfit - £18.98

Another cheap as chips outfit from me. Do you expect anything more? who needs to wear designer brands and break their bank at the same time when you can look brilliant for less than £20! yeeeaaahhh!

Ta-Ta For Now!


  1. Just found your blog, I'm a new follower! :)
    I'm in LOVE with this dress and such a steal for £6!! :o Great outfit! :D

    1. Thanks so much stephanie! :) I do love my bargains ;) xx