Tuesday, 28 August 2012

You Won't Really See Me, I Live In Old Movies

This blog was meant to be posted yesterday, so lets pretend it's Monday :)

The weather man was right, Today it has rained. It was dry enough this morning to have a little wonder out so I got enough photos to do a nice enough blog :)

Since it was a bit chillier today I put on my midi skirt. I am quite proud of this outfit, and not because of the look of it, just because it was so cheap and looks so nice!!

The skirt cost me £1.99 and the top cost me 99p! both from a charity shop, making the major pieces of the outfit come to a total of  £2.98. Bargain or what?!

What I Am Wearing
Top-Charity Shop-99p
Skirt-Charity Shop-£1.99
Shoes-New Look-£15.99
Ring-New Look-£4.99

Total Outfit Cost £24.96

I went into the little town, not realising its a bank holiday Monday and everywhere was closed! There were loads of vintage looking shops and a few nice looking charity shops, which would have definitely been worth a browse! Hopefully I get an opportunity to go back down and have a proper browse! But for now I got a few photos of the most beautiful shop I have ever seen.... Through the window.

Anyway it's been nice and sunny today, so I have gotten some pretty decent photos, so look forward to tomorrows post! :)



  1. Hi, Tanya! I like your look - I really love how you've titled this -wow, that's ME! :)

  2. haha, reference to Dirty Pretty Things, and to The Libertines, nice!!! you just got my respect =D