Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Do you like my Dress?


Its actually a top.

That sounds a bit odd doesn't it? Its quite a funny story how me and my sister came across this piece, we were scouring the New Look sale, probably about a year ago! and we found this lovely "dress" we took it to the fitting rooms and instantly fell in love with it.

When my sister asked me to check the price of the item, I burst out laughing. My sister, sophie, had a bit of a confused expression as to why I thought the price was so hilarious. I was actually laughing at the fact that the size of the item was a size 22.

It was a top out of the 'Inspire' range at New Look that had found its way amongst the sale rails. This didnt bother us in the slightest! it was only around about £6 and despite it being a big size, it did look quite nice as a dress, and it is probably one of the most comfortable dresses in our wardrobe!

Its one of those dresses you can just wear chilling around the house, and still look nice. because its so loose you dont really feel self concious about any lumps or bumps that may be showing!

This just goes to show how versatile clothes are. Why stick to just your size? try a bigger size on and create something different out of what already exists :) It sounds more exiting when you tell somebody you are actually wearing an item which is a size 22!

MY D.I.Y. Stockings/Socks
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make these.

I make all my tights that start ripping into socks/stockings.

And all you have to do is this!

1.Take Tights with holes in.

2.Cut off top of tights leaving 2 legs

3. Wear them as socks.

Clearly I am a Genius! :)


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