Sunday, 19 August 2012

People Stare, I Don't Care.

I am in love with my new shirt from new look. It came into store and I purchased it within seconds of its arrival! I have worn it a few times but never had the time to take any photos for it, so I took some time out of my busy schedule to dress it up and take a few photos!

What I Am Wearing
Skirt-New Look-£16.99
Tights-New Look
Necklace-New Look
Belt-New Look-£2.99
Shoes- Primark-Gift
Hat- The Clothes Show

These shoes are amazing! reason 1 is because the heel is that chunky and that low that I can actually walk in them comfortably! reason 2 is just because... look at them!
My Sister brought them for me for my birthday, I don't wear heels very often so I feel bad that they spend the majority of the time stuck in my wardrobe, But they are the one pair of heels that I will come running to when the right occasion strikes!

Bye for now!

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