Sunday, 30 September 2012

She's Got You High

Wahey! It's Sunday, which means day off, which means I have time to write a new blog :)

Since its a Sunday, I'm in a bit of a lazy mood, so my hair is wild and I haven't put my contact lenses in (yes I'm a glasses geek) Occasionally, I decide not to wear my contacts and go out in my glasses which result in 2 things. people looking at me strangely, or people saying "should have gone to Specsavers" (original).
I decide not to give a damn and flaunt my glasses as if I were wearing diamonds.


What I Wore Today
My Favourite Cardigan-Charity Shop-£6
Polka Dot Skirt-Topshop (sale)
Woolly Tights- New Look
Socks-New Look
Creepers-New Look
Necklace- New Look
 & ofcourse, The Granny Glasses -

I've had a nice day today. I went with my mom n dad to visit my nan and gramps, then we went shopping for a bit which resulted in me getting 2 new dresses ( Thanks Mom & Dad) I'm sure you will be meeting these very soon!

For the rest of my day I shall be dying my hair (again) and having a pamper day! I'm feeling a long bubble bath with candles. Have a nice Sunday!


  1. there's so much going on here, i love it! that polka dot skirt is so cute with those patterned burgundy tights