Thursday, 13 September 2012

& It's Just Like She's In Another World

Ah, sorry guys for the lack of blogging recently. It's been mental. I was at the lovely place that is Weymouth the weekend and went straight back in work the following day, and now I'm ill! wahey!

Anyway, Here are a few photos from Weymouth. I didn't take my tripod along for the journey (unfortunately) so I only got one outfit photo for the weekend!

The first day of us being there we went down to the beach. Its only a small beach but you can walk along it to get into the town, so we decided to do just that, bear foot in the sea, it was lovely other than the fact it was a pebble beach so walking in the sea was agonising to our poor feet. it was well worth it though, it's not every day us folks from the Midlands get to walk in the sea!

We had a walk around the town and went for a coffee! (but I had a tea) it was such a lovely day :)

I miss Weymouth, It is probably one of my favourite places. so yeah, any guys thinking about holidaying in England! go to Weymouth! (Definitely do not come to Walsall...)

I don't believe I've shown you this dress yet, Not a clue why because I've had it a while now!

I saw it in the sale at dorothy perkins a while back and fell in love with it, at the time I was a bit skint so didn't buy it and went home in a sulk. When my boyfriend came home from work he had gone back into the shop and brought it for me. Bless him. He is ever so lovely to me! so it's about time I showed it off to you guys :)

Anyway, I best get back to cuddling my blanket on the sofa and feeling sorry for my self! hopefully the blogging will be back on track asap!

Much Love!

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