Sunday, 23 September 2012

Come On, Be A No One

I've had a good day today, considering its only 1:25 it can only get better right?

Last minute me and my friend decided to go to a vintage fair. she spotted the ad and immediately though of me and my weird and wonderful vintage life. She only spotted it advertised yesterday, but hey, last minute plans always seem to be best! It was only held at a community centre so I didn't get my hopes up too high.
Despite this it was actually a wonderland of vintage goodies. If only I were rich ay?
I did in fact get a good purchase though, and snapped my self up a dress for £5. Barg central.

I suitably wore a collaboration of my vintage wardrobe to suit the occasion.

Here Is What I Wore!

Shirt - Vintage - The Vintage Fair (Birmingham) - £15

Skirt- Vintage - Cow - £3
Brooch- Stolen from the mother-in-law
Belt-New Look (came with a skirt I brought)
Brogues-Primark -Sale - £8
Ring-New Look Sale- £1

One again a whole outfit for the bargain price of £27. Shoes, Accessories, THE LOT! I should seriously be some sort of budget personal shopper.

I actually really love this outfit of mine, and I have no idea why I don't wear this shirt more often, the lace detail on the collar and neck and cuffs are beautiful! You can't beat Vintage pieces!

If you have been reading my blog you are well aware that I have introduced a new doggy to the household. They had a fight earlier on in the week which wasn't very nice, and scared me quite a lot, but we gave them both another chance together and they now appear to be best friends! they play with each other most mornings and they are currently having a nap together in my front room! The week trial is over and I think things are going to be okay :) doggy can stay and doesn't have to be re homed! YAY!

Until next time m'dears!


  1. bargain is an understatement. I especially love your blouse, the lace is absolutely beautiful :D

  2. Your blouse is incredible! Love this whole outfit. You look amazing :)

    and good news about your dog! that's so cute that they're friends