Thursday, 6 September 2012

Red Hot Revelation

Back home, Back to reality, Back to the good old photos next to my garden gate.

No messing around with me. Got back from holiday on Saturday and went to work Sunday, 7-6 and again Mon-Wed, 7-4's. We are moving around the entire shop so we are re-merchandising everything (which simply means, a lot of work for me) V.M'ing is amazing, but it is so tiring and you cannot imagine the amount of bruises I have on my legs from constantly bashing them. Not that I'm complaining! Dressing mannequins and putting trends together is the best job ever!

MOVING ON. This isn't what I wore today, I literally haven't had a second spare to take any photo's, but this is what I wore before I went on holiday and didn't get round to blogging about!

What I Am Wearing
D.I.Y. Shorts - created by yours truly
Floral Shirt - Charity shop - £3
Suspender Tights - New Look - £4.99
Pretend Converse - New Look - £12.99

If you are new to my blog, (Hey) & you haven't heard of my D.I.Y Shorts then click HERE (it is an old post so is probably all over the place.) But to make a long story short I basically cut up a pair of old jeans and bleached them to create these babies.

I really need to start doing some more D.I.Y's . I have a load of material upstairs waiting for me to attempt to make a few skirts out of, and maybe, Just one day, I might ATTEMPT to make one! :')

Hope You are all Well!

Peace Out!

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