Monday, 25 March 2013

House Of Harrie Hattie

On a extremely cold and windy morning me and my sister woke up bright and early to have a photo shoot for the lovely company that is House Of Harrie Hattie.

For anybody that hasn't heard or seen anything from the beautiful company, well smack yourself on the wrist and take a look at her Facebook page! NOW! (click the logo above)

The Owner of the company is also the creator of the beautiful mini cocktail hats and spends her spare time hand crafting the lovely little things using Harris Tweed, Vintage fabrics, Natural feathers and vintage gems, all in all making some very beautiful and unique hats!

If you are an avid vintage fair goer in the midlands area then keep your eye out! you may well see her stand set up at the next one you go to! and if you do I suggest you go over and have a nosy and a chat! she is one of the single most lovely people I have ever met and is definitely worth being on your friends list!

So next time your going to a wedding, party, or even just fancy jazzing up an outfit then get yourself one of these babies!

1 comment:

  1. Bleedin' Nora, those hats are genius! I want the Sherlock Holmes-style tweed babies. And is that the weddingy top you got from Oasis I spy? It looks so good! Me and Oli went in when we were waiting to get the bus home on Friday and he had to drag me out :(
    It was so lovely to see you too! And apologies for my tipsy ramblings - beer wasn't nice to me that night!
    How has Weymouth been? Happy Easter!
    Muchos love-os!