Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Liebster Award

So The Loverrrly Betti Nominated me for a liebster award! (bless her!) & I've been meaning to finish it off for a while but it took longer than I thought!

The Liebster award recognises bloggers who deserve more followers! The Idea is to nominate people you think deserve more followers and get your followers to take a cheeky look at their blog. It is aimed at bloggers with under 200 followers and lets you learn a few things about the people behind the laptop screens.

Here It Goes!

11 things about me

1) I am a vegetarian and I love being a vegetarian. do not get in to a debate with me about how "humans were made to eat animals" you will lose and I will end up hating you forever. remember kids, meat is murder.

2) I cannot survive a day without a cup of tea. If my morning doesn't consist of a cuppa first thing in the morning, then I am not functioning properly

3) I have a weak spot for cute old couples. I think it's so warming to know that a couple can still be madly in love with each other and still feel the need to hold hands down the street after a good 50 years together! Romance isn't the same any more! I plan to be with the love of my life forever, until we're old and wrinkly and then we will walk down the street holding hands, madly in love.

4) I am 22 years old but feel like I'm about 70 and old as hell, yet I still act like a child. Reckless, thoughtless, naive and living in my own little world.

5) My room is never tidy for longer than 10 seconds.

6) I have a slight obsession with dying my hair and I am already considering re-dying my hair after only having black hair for a few weeks...

7) I am in a relationship with the most amazing person ever! My Boyfriend is my best friend and the most amazing person in the world! We have everything in common (other than football) I do actually feel sad that you have never met him because everyone in the world would have a better life if he was involved in it. cheesy I know, but true at the same time.

8) I work as a visual merchandiser for New Look, Dressing mannequins and windows and putting out new stock in the shop, it is quite fun and a lot of hard work but I really enjoy it.

9) I have 4 tattoos and plan to get more! They are so addictive but so lovely. I have a Camera on the back of my neck, a butterfly on my thigh, a peace sign on my right wrist and "Dance" written on my left wrist.

10) Believe it or not I am a qualified dance teacher. I studied dance for 2 years in college and did several courses after completing the course, resulting in me becoming a qualified freestyle/street dance teacher (which I guess you wouldn't believe from looking at me). I used to teach different classes but at the moment I am way too busy to fit anything in, sadly. 

11) writing 11 things about me was way harder than I anticipated, clearly I'm not actually that interesting.

11 Questions From Betti

1) If you were God for a day, what's the first thing you would do?
probably make everyone vegetarians and make animals and humans live peacefully together! That sounds amazing.

2) What's the best book you've ever read?

I absoloutely love The Notebook for a soppy read but a really good series of books which I couldn't tear myself away from was Lindsay Kelks I heart books. Those are brilliant. read them.

3) What is your favourite internet meme/Youtube video?
I didn't know what to put for this, but then I remembered this really sweet short story that a friend showed me that makes me well up everytime! (and I never cry!) deffo worth a watch!

4) Tell us something about you that we'd never guess from reading your blog.
I fell onto a pencil when I was about 10 and was scared to tell anyone thinking i would have to have an operation so i know have a pencil lead lodged in the skin of my knee, you can still sort of see where it is!

5) What's the biggest goal you'd like to achieve by the end of this year?

I don't do a lot of forward planning or set my self goals, I'm a sort of live in the moment type of person, but I guess saving money would be a good achievement! Lets set that as a goal.

6) What/who are the top three people or things who inspire your style, and why?
-Anyone from the past. I have an obsession with Vintage clothing and inspect old photos to see what they were wearing and then wish that their clothes were still here for me to wear!
-Eccentrics and people out of the ordinary-who wants to blend in to the crowd?
-Fellow Bloggers! I love looking at photos of other peoples latest buys and how they piece their outfits together to express their selves.

7) What's your musical guilty pleasure?
I effing love Disney songs! And I do have a tendency to sing them at the top of my voice when the shop has closed and we are tidying up at the end of the night. My favorite one to sing at the top of my lungs is the starting song from Lion King. That song is amazing.

 8) What fashion trend makes you want to vomit?

Chav. Chavvy Chavs. such as this.

9) David Cameron - Britains saviour or plastic-faced twat?
I don't do politics so I have no fucking clue.

10) If you had a time-travelling teleportation device, where would you most like to go? It can be anywhere, past, present or future.

I would definitely Time travel back into the past. If i had the device to myself id make sure I visited every era from the 50's upwards! and I'd probably just go shopping and bring it all back with me. That device would be handy. I think it would be fun to go and see my self as a child too and tell me to become cooler sooner. haha!

11) Where do you lie on the political compass?
I am going to do this despite my lack of knowledge on politics. I guessed the answers for some of them as i had no idea what they were on about...

My 11 Questions to you

1. What is the most memorable memory you have from your childhood?
2. Which artist/album have you been listening to the most lately?
3. What was your latest clothing purchase?
4. A moment in your life you would like to re-live?
5. Is there something you wish you could do but don't have the money/guts to do?
6. Do you have any bad habits?
7. What is your favorite Item in your wardrobe at the moment?
8. If you could have any job in the world what would you be and why?
9. What is your favorite Film/TV Program?
10. Who is your favorite person in the world?
11. If you could live as someone else for a day who would you be?

My Nominations are!!... *drum roll*

1.Sophie @ The Weird Owl
2. Betti @ Torch The Treasure
3. Georgina @ Ohh Hiya
4. Aniqua @ A Rose Bard Blog
5. Taygan @ Dear Mr.Rabbit
6. Scotty @ Kitten As A Cat
8. Sarah @ How I RAWR Him So
9. Laura @ Vintage Requiem
10. Alexandra @ What's Alexandra Waring

realise that some of the people i have chosen have done a liebster award blog, so if you have already done it, just answer my questions if you want! :)



  1. I should be leaving this on the post below, butttt you look so awesome in those uber-goth pics! Don't you dare dye your hair back ginge just yet - embrace the dark side and walk around looking like a mental witch lady for a while - it's the way forward.
    When I next come see you please teach me some of your street dance mooooves. I haven't done a hiphop class for almost four years now and am too scared to go back to one!
    I will reply to your facebook message v.soon, I promise!

  2. Hey Tanya,
    thanks for the nomination! I'd never herd of it before - It's a great idea. Just read your Q and A, very entertaining :) I actually had some pencil lead get flicked into my eye when I was about the same age, and my friend thought I was going to die of 'lead poisoning'. I managed to get mine out though!

  3. Ooo cool. Thanks for the nomination! You just added to an excellent day :) x

  4. Love the Blog. You make me laugh how passionate you are on the Vegetarian thing and how you will not budge from it! hey-ho. veggies all the way!
    So with you on the old couple thing... i LOVE them and if i am ever one of those little old couples i will be a very happy woman in my rocking chair knitting jumpers.
    thankyou for the award, ill get onto it soon :)
    doing a blog today, be sure to check it out.
    much love!

  5. thank you for the nomination! I've never heard of this award before (and this is the first time my blog has been nominated for anything!)
    soz about the late reply, I've just seen your comment =]
    Love your blog! xxx