Sunday, 17 March 2013

Say hello to my granny skirt.

I brought this baby from a charity shop when good ole' Betti came down to visit. It only cost me a pound! how could I say no? Originally it was actually an ankle length grandma skirt, fit for mi nan! But Betti convinced me to buy it and do a little tiny D.I.Y. on it. so I did!

I do have a confession to make, I literally just cut the end of the skirt off, no stitching involved! okay, I am lazy and Betti would have said "It'll literally take you a few minutes and it will be sorted" but I just don't think that far ahead and wanted to wear it so I just butchered it up and left it how it is! sure a few threads decide to fray from the bottom half way through the day but I find the game of pulling them off exiting. What an exiting life I lead...

I decided to take my photos with my morning cigarette. So here they are!

What I Am Wearing
Cardigan-cortorsey of Miss Sophie Reynolds
Shirt-ancient years old-H&M
Skirt-Charity shop-99p
Skirt and belt- New Look

Just to add I am in total and utter love with this cardigan that Sophie brought from a vintage shop in Birmingham. It seems as though the tables have turned and for a change I am the one pinching the clothes and wearing them. oops. But can you seriously blame me! JUST LOOK AT IT! and although it is quite loud it literally goes with all of my clothes, I definitely think that Sophie should just donate the cardigan to me. (yeah right)

I am clearly having a lazy day since I spent my whole day in my granny specs. either that or i am embracing the fact I am getting older and wearing clothes to match. at least i won't have to do any clothes shopping when i turn 70, I already have loads of brilliant old lady clothes!

I have been doing quite a few photo shoots lately so I have a few photos lined up to show you all!

-Vintage hat photo shoot for House Of Harrie Hattie
-Promotional shots for Applesnap Studios
-Me feeding a duck at the park

exiting stuff.

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