Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bad Blogger Alert.

Yeah, Remember me? 

It's been a long bloody while but I have REASONS! (yes reasons, not excuses)

I do actually have like 3 blog posts lined up, but the photos for the first blog are on an SD card that seems to be broken. Or at least my computer won't read it, so I need to find the USB lead to the camera so I can then upload the pics and put them on the awaiting blogs. Good enough reason I think?

In other news I did a Punk/Rocker/Gothy shoot the other day with a friend and we got some pretty awesome photos so here they are! I thought I would share them with you so that a) you forgive me for being such a terrible blogger and b) you have something new to look at! 

What I Am Wearing
Top-New Look
Pleather  Skirt-New Look
Leather Jacket-New Look
Dr. Martens-Dr-Martens
Necklace-New Look

= Me Totally Being a New Look/Dr.Martens Whore

The Last photo is my personal favorite  We were both wearing Hi-Vis jackets on the account of us freezing our balls off and the jackets kept us alive (or at least kept us from hypothermia). shortly after finding a spot to take photos we spotted two two joggers in front, both wearing bright yellow jackets so we decided to join in. The bloke turned around and gave me a funny look wondering what the hell we were playing at and I called out "Don't worry, were not taking the piss out of you".... I think he then though we were taking the piss out of them. On the plus side, new trend idea! Hi-vis and fishnets? I think so!

Anyway don't hate me too much for being a really terrible blogger. I will find the lead to that camera and then I will show you all!!!

Keep Smiling!

Much Love!


  1. I love these pics they are amazing! Wish I could have came to this shoot! :( and you have been a very crappy blogger , sort it out!!!! I've nominated you for the Liebster award btw! go herrreeee---->http://kookysophie.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/liebster-award.html Enjoy :D xx

  2. These are such sick photos!! Nice <3 xxx