Monday, 18 March 2013

Happy Monday


It's nice to have a Monday off work, The day that is dreaded by all working folk. and on top of that the skies are blue and the sun is out! (by the way don't let that sun trick you, it is freezing out there!

What I Am Wearing
Dress-Cow Vintage-£6
Shoes-Dr. Martens-£30-sale
Frilly socks-Asda-Kids Section-£3 a pack!
Headscarf-Oasis Vintage-£1

I told you that sunlight was deceiving check out the steam coming out my mouth! I'm like a dragon! I braved the flesh color tights and the floral shoes but did have to throw on my winter coat when I ventured out!

I have gone for a sort of 40's housewife look today, partially to inspire me to actually tidy the pile of clothes that are slowly mounting up in the corner of my room, but mainly because I wanted to give my vintage headscarf a go! I've actually fell quite in love with the pin up style as of late and think I might start trying to pull of a headscarf more often, what you reckon?

This dress is one of my favorites. I actually have no idea why I never seem to wear it. I brought it from Cow Vintage a while back and it cost me the bargain price of £6! ARGH! I bloody love bargain shopping! There should definitely be a bargain hunters but for clothes. I know a few people who could star in it and we could go vintage/charity shopping and the person who buys the best outfit for the cheapest price wins! That is probably one of my greatest ideas ever. who's up for it!?

Enough procrastinating, I must tidy up my floor wardrobe. Plus I have just received a parcel which is my new dress from ASOS which definitely needs a good trying on!

Until Next Time!


  1. love this, totally sweet! Cant believe the bargains you find in COW! xx

    1. Thanks lovely! this was in Cow's sale! but i do have a good eye for a bargain! much love x