Sunday, 14 April 2013

Broody for Brooches

I went to Weymouth, Okay it was a while ago but I am absolute rubbish at blogging lately, sincere apologies, and I promise along with better weather you will be receiving even better blogs.

Anyway, We decided to take a trip down to Dorchester after discovering on Google that there was a vintage shop there. After finding out, I was there.

It took us a while to find it, even though it was quite central in the town unlike other vintage shops that are usually tucked away in the deepest darkest alleys!

Although the clothing was beautiful! It was a bit over priced for my under £10 budget (I'm a cheap skate). brilliant. But I did discover a cushion which was all over covered in brooches. I cannot even begin to explain how exited I got over a pillow of brooches. You just had to see it with your own eyes, and after closer inspection I notices that the most expensive one on there cost a mere £2. Definitely Tanya price range!

I have only had one brooch in the past which I am in utter love with, and since getting it I have been forever saying I was going to build up a personal collection, and this collection has officially started. I brought 4 absolutely stunning brooches for £5!!!! ARGH! I now have 5 brooches in my mini collection which I can assure you, will carry on growing.

Cameo Brooch-£1
Silver & Peal Brooch-£2
Green Stone Brooch-£1
Gold & Pearl Brooch-£1

  If ever you are in Dorchester I suggest you pop by Custard Hall Vintage!

Looking for any reason to wear a new brooch I opted for a plain shirt, just to show my new brooch off to its full potential...

I think this is probably quite a tame outfit for myself. Despite this, a group of quite young girls sat across from me when me and Alex took my nieces out to the Wacky Warehouse and did nothing but stare at me, whisper and giggle. Part of me wanted to give them a tiny slap, another part of me wanted to stick my middle finger up to them, and another part of me felt like I was a child being bullied in school. Instead I sat there, Stared back and smiled like an idiot. Children are quite mean.

Much Love!

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