Wednesday, 4 September 2013

You may say I'm a Dreamer

All this holidaying away from 'good ole' Walsall had got me dreaming of a better life! one wear 1. I don't work and 2. I can wonder around going on adventures and look at all the pretty things the world has to offer!

Sometimes going on little 'adventures' aren't as exciting as they actually sound, although this story's a pretty funny one.

Me and Alex decided to ditch the car and have a little walk up to a car boot that was just a 'little' walk away.
This little walk started with us walking along the beach, which was a nice change as its not on a regular basis that us midland folk get to stroll along a beach. We walked a bit too far up towards where the sea should be but instead was faced with sinking clay-like sand, which covered all of my feet in a sand mask. nice.

We got off the beach and started our little journey. this little ten minute walk ended up in a good 2 hour trek. We even walked out of Burnham! we ended up walking on the side of a busy road with no path and I was forced to walk in the grass and nettles, on the only day I decided not to wear my nice protective Dr. Marten shoes. story of my life.

We never did get to the car boot sale.

What I Am Wearing
Cami Vest - New Look - £12.99
Vintage Skirt - Cow - £5
Loafers - New Look - £19.99

Until  Next Time!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tree Town

I only have 2 more blogs to do in the niceness of tree town, then get used to my good old fashioned garden fence photos!

There was a section of the garden that was like a secret garden! you went through some trees and it opened up into a big circle and you would be surrounded by trees! There was a little bench and a big log on the floor (this ended up being my main smoking area for the week) and a little play house that was over run with climbing ivy, This is the backdrop for the days bloggy outfit pic!

What I Am Wearing
Satin Vest Top - Vintage - £2 - Oasis Birmingham

Floral Midi skirt-Present from the lovely Harrie Hattie
Brown Belt -£4.99 - New Look 
Burgundy Loafers -£19.99 - New Look

don't ask why my legs look so wonky in the above picture, I must have been stood on uneven ground... weird.

Midi skirts are just the best thing in the world! It's nice to be able to wear a skirt all year round no matter what the weather and not feel like an idiot with freezing cold legs. everyone should wear midi skirts. especially ones as amazing as this one! 

Until next time folks!

Peace out

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bargain of the week!

I've reverted back to blogging some holiday snaps! Since I didn't show them all to you (that and I've been to busy/lazy to take any outfit pics lately)

What I Am Wearing
Bralet-New Look
Skirt-Cow Vintage
Belt-New Look
Shoes-Asda (believe it or not)

How amazing are my sandals? I should have really took a close up of them to show you the detail, but I assure you they are beautiful (although from here they sort of make me look like I only have 3 toes)

This is one of my fave outfits! I love the pastely colours and we all know I'm a sucker for a floral print!

The top was in the sale for about 3 quid and the skirt was a mere fiver! making the bulk of my outfit £8! bargain outfit of the week goes to Miss Tanya Reynolds! 

Until next time dearys! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Flowers In Your Hair

I've had such a lovely day today! from begging to end there's not a second I could say a bad thing about!

I started my morning by taking some bloggy snaps in the back garden of this lovely holiday home of mine for the week. My daily-must-have morning fag today was possibly one of the best smoke involved experiences of my life, and here is why.

My normal morning fag consists of me stood at the gates to my work place, looking at the litter blowing across the street - it has absolutely no comparison on today's 'sitting on a log on a beach' kind of fag morning. I wish I could spend every morning like this!

I took this sand filled opportunity to take some bloggy snaps-with just a few odd stares from the locals and the dog walkers!

What I Am Wearing
Denim Bralet-Primark
Floral Skirt- H&M
Aztec open kaftan - as seen here - New Look
Shoes- Dr. Martens
Sunflower Headband & Peace Necklace - Topshop

I feel like a full blown hippy today. Maybe it was that guy on the train who told me and my sister to bring back the hippy generation, or maybe it was because that guy shouted flower power at me through the car window and nearly gave me a heart attack.

I spent the rest of my day down the lovely town that is Weston-Super-Mare! which is one of mine and Alex's favorite places ever! I won £13 on the bingo machine (Celebratory Dance) We went for a meal, Had an ice cream and even had a sing along to the Beatles with the one show!

All in all a very good day if you ask me, with brilliant people, brilliant music and beautiful scenery, who could possibly ask for more!

Here's a cheeky shot of me and the love of my life!

Check out my sunglasses! I brought them from a carboot - New with tags, cost me £1 - BARGAIN!
I'm off to another carbooty tomorrow so I'll be on the hunt for more goodies!

Until Next Time!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rainy Days

Day 2 of my holibobs, and in true bad luck Tanya style it is raining again! I tried to take a few snaps indoors which resulted in a few abstracty looking pics which are quite nice so I'll share them with you!  

It stopped raining for a few minutes  so I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and braved the coldness for a few bloggy snaps! To show you the full effect of my stolen outfit!

What I Am Wearing
Dress-Courtesy of Miss Sophie Reynolds
Hat- Courtesy of Miss Sophie Reynolds

Special thanks to my sister soph who let me pinch her dress and hat for the week ;)

I love the autumny feel of this outfit, I paired it with my ever so lovely dark purplish red lipstick that I must start to wear more often!

How cute is this little shed? I am actually starting to worry that I haven't got enough outfits to photograph in each and every area! there are way too many pretty scenes to show you!

Don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow for day 3 of holiday and more bloggy outfits and beautiful scenes!

Until next time!!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Adventure Is Out There

Day one of my holiday to Burnham on sea!

We are staying in a house, well I say house, I mean dream home and sort of hippy like mansion. amazing 

The decor is just amazing and there are hidden little things everywhere making you discover something new at every turn! Including signed vinyls, bongo drums, 2 grand pianos, amazing artwork, old photographs, a grammar-phone and those are just a few mentions!

I definitely recommend checking my blog out everyday this week as I (hopefully) WILL be updating you daily with new pics of my outfits and also house and outdoor daily discoveries! ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!

Me and my Alex didn't get here until 2am (yawn) as we went to see the cribs in concert last night (pure brilliance) so we had the laziest morning ever and didn't get out of bed til 10am! (jeez)

Here is what I wore today!

What I Am Wearing
Top - Newlook - £12.99
Skirt - Topshop (sale) -£8
Belt - Primark - £1
Socks - Asda (kids section) - 5 for £3
Shoes - Dr.Martens (Sale) - £70

I sort of feel like the flowers amongst the green here. I'm sure I was a flower in a past life.

Warning:Rant ahead.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE AMAZING GARDEN! this is only a small glimpse of the greeny-ness! (yes that's a word) its like a wonderland of ivy and green!
I actually believe I was born in the wrong area and I NEED these trees in my everyday life ITS NOT FAIR. f you are reading this and you get to look at a surrounding like this everyday then please cherish every moment of it and don't take it for granted! 

I may just chop down a tree and stick it in my garden.

Rant over.

It's started raining now so my garden adventures haven't even fully begun!

Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Road to Ruin

I have had one of the most laziest days in the history of the entire world. I spend a good 4 hours playing grand theft auto (I'm clearly a gangster at heart) and the rest of the day laying on my bed and listening to music. I doubt I've moved for longer than and hour if I added up all the time I'd actually managed to sort of get up. So doing a blog is something productive right? well it will make me feel slightly better for doing bugger all today!

Here's an old photo I stumbled upon inside the folder entitled "blogs to do"

Not sure how long ago I took this but hey ho! It still deserves a show I reckon!

This was taken in the transition of the black hair to ginger hair! so I'm actually my natural hair color which is brunette! I don't think I've seen this hair color for about 6 years!

What I Am Wearing
Vintage Shirt-Emm's Vintage-£6
Beatles T-shirt-Topshop
Denim Shorts-God only knows
Peace Tights-Asos
Dr. Martens-Dr.Martens

It seems I was having a bit of a 90's grunge day, but Its nice to mix your style up for something a bit different. I get bored of things way to easily. Rocker one day, Vintage Pin up the next!

I must say this is possibly my favorite shirt out of my whole wardrobe! and when it costs something stupid like £6 it just makes you love and appreciate it that little bit more.

Anyway! now that I feel I've done something a little bit productive I'm going to reward myself with a cigarette and a cup of tea! ah! Bliss!

Until Next Time!